Three top tips to reduce plastic waste at parties

I'm sure you're fed up with feeling that eco-guilt, at the end of a party when you are cleaning up and filling a black bag with plastic. But plastic waste at parties isn't something that can be solved overnight, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself!
The best thing to do is start small and take small steps in reducing your plastic waste. I found this to be the easiest way, as getting started can be the hardest part. We all have a party to play in reducing plastic waste and doing something is better than nothing at all!

Prepare the party food yourself

When it comes to party food and reducing your plastic footprint there are few ways you can do this. Firstly, why not go homemade? I know how easy it can be to reach for all the ready made items wrapped in plastic.… but it can be super easy to make some delicious treats for your guests and get all the praise. I recommend visiting a zero waste store or a local farm shop for your ingredients, as all these items usually come unwrapped. 

Opt for plastic free tableware 

Children's parties are synonymous with vast amounts of waste, a lot of which ends up in landfill and can take hundreds of years to decompose. Opt for plastic free partyware! At Pico we have a great range of eco-friendly tableware for you to choose from, that is not only planet friendly, but looks great too! Shop here.

Ask your guests to be conscious too

Make your guests aware that you're aiming to reduce your plastic waste. Tell them in advance that refreshments and paper cups will be provided, so there is no need for them to bring plastic boxed juices or water bottles. Even better, recommend they bring their own reusable bottles! 

And finally, don't be ashamed to ask ypur guests to be conscious with their gift buying. Saving the planet is a fantastic cause, and do you really need any more plastic toys cluttering your house? Find some great gift examples here.