Top Five Tips for Every Child's Birthday Party



1. Plan Early

First things first, if possible, try not to leave the planning till last minute, who needs the extra stress?! Plan as far in advance as you can, 8 weeks is perfect but make use of the time you have. This will give you enough time to book everything while available, such as entertainment or a venue.

And to make sure you have attendees, get those invites out as soon as you have a date in the diary, 6+ weeks is best but if you don’t have that kind of time left, the sooner the better.


2. Make a Budget

Did you know the average children’s birthday party in the UK costs around £320.50? Once you start buying food, decorations, entertainment etc. it all adds up. A budget can keep your plans realistic, and your spending in line. 

BONUS TIP:  If there is space, host the party at home, or even your local park.  A party at a rented space can really eat into your budget!


3. Don’t Overdo it on the Food. 

Yes we’ve all seen those beautiful spreads on Instagram, but what usually happens is the food gets wasted and your bank account shrinks… plus the clearing up! Keep it simple, take a few food items that you know kids will love, add some healthy options and voila! A tasty spread that gets eaten but doesn’t eat your budget.


4. Take lots of Photos 

We understand that in the mayhem of the day you can easily forget to capture this special day. Although these pictures are memories that you and child can cherish for a lifetime. If you know you will be busy on the day, ask a close friend or family member to become the designated photographer and take some pictures on your behalf. This way you don’t have to stress and will have more photos of you in them!

BONUS TIP: Create a birthday booklet of all their birthday parties so  you can give it to your child when they turn 18! It would be such a lovely and thoughtful gift.


5. Set up a Table for Presents 

Set up a clear space to keep your little ones birthday presents all in one place. Presents can easily be lost, misplaced or possibly broken with all the excitement going on, if they are all kept tidy it’ll be one less thing to worry about!

BONUS TIP: If possible make a note of which present came from where. That way you and your child can do thank you notes the next day.


6. The Most Important Tip of All… Treat Yourself!

When the party is done, have a glass of wine and a nice bath!

Planning and pulling off your child's birthday party isn’t easy, take some time to unwind and feel proud!.... Ready for the next one with Pico on hand to help.