Balloons and Sustainability

Reducing our impact

Although balloons can be a nice addition to a party, they have a number of environmental concerns. Balloons can be hazardous when they enter the environment to both creatures on land and in the sea. Balloons labelled as biodegradable can travel thousands of miles, harming animals and littering nature.

Although latex balloons are considered biodegradable, they can take anywhere from 6 months to four years to decompose, causing problems beforehand. And Helium filled balloons have a further ecological footprint. While it is not pollutive, it is unsustainable. In fact, we’re running out of easy-to-access helium, because of the use with products such as balloons. Helium should be used for crucial products, such as MRI scanners, fibre optics and LCD screens.

That’s why at Pico we’ve decided to make the conscious decision to not sell or promote the use of balloons, we believe you can create a visually beautiful party without them. We are committed to providing customers with decorations that are beautiful, unique and yet sustainable. We all need to enjoy life and take small steps to help the planet.

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